“Life is an amazing gift, don’t waste it. Make the most out of every day, and always look for the best in people.”

~ Vajira Weerasekera ~

Vajira is a business leader, speaker, and author whose true passion lies in incubating high-performing teams to help build disruptive and transformative solutions. He had the opportunity to gain international experience across many executive roles in organizations across Ireland, the United States, and Australia.

Currently, Vajira is the Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Services Asia. He and his team of Architects are responsible for the delivery of strategic digital transformation solutions for Microsoft customers across Asia. He was the co-founder of the Microsoft Solutions Development Center in Australia. A software engineering facility for implementing disruptive and breakthrough solutions. Vajira also worked with ISOCOR in their R&D and Engineering teams in Ireland, Australia and United States across technical and executive roles.

Vajira holds a first-class honours bachelor of commerce degree in management and a first-class honours master of business studies from University College Dublin. He was also a lecturer at University College Dublin for the Master of Business Management program.

Outside of his work, he is married to Kali with two sons, Viran and Yanik, and is also a passionate ultra-marathon runner.

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Supporting Shanthi Foundation


Vajira is the international ambassador for Shanthi Foundation, a non-profit organization helping palliative care and chronic kidney disease treatment. Vajira ran the Canberra Marathon in April 2015 to help raise funds for this foundation.

He is currently running 500km to help raise AUD $ 100,000 towards this organization to help build the first ever palliative care centre in Anuradhapura Sri Lanka.