Meet the masters from the book.

I had the privilege to interview some great leaders as part of research for this book. You will read the three habits and the five strategies outlined in the book on building high performing teams.

Inside the book I will also take you through some of the amazing stories I have learnt speaking with these leaders to share their experience.

You can pre-order the book now to learn about the three habits and the five strategies for building high performing teams. All proceeds from the book is donated towards the Shanthi Foundation to build the first ever palliative care hospital in Sri Lanka and the work my wife Kali and I are doing to help orphaned children in Sri Lanka.

These are some of the leaders and stories you will read about.


The Author:

Vajira Weerasekera is a business leader, speaker, intrepreneur and author with over 25 years of experience. His true passion lies in incubating high-performing teams to build disruptive solutions, and business models to deliver innovative solutions. Vajira is currently the Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Services in Asia. He will share all his lessons and failures over the years in building and managing teams together with all the stories and examples from these other great leaders.


Frank Dick is the High Performance Director for the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee and is the consultant to South Africa’s top coaches. Frank is also President of the European Athletics Coaches Association, member of the IAAF Coaches Commission, as well as Chair of the IAAF Academy. It was an inspiring discussion with Frank! Learnt a lot about how he’s motivating and training some of our best athletes!


Jodie Fox is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at of – the world’s first website where women can design their own shoes. Started only in 2009, now with stores in David Jones, Nordstrom and $24.6 Million USD in funding to date.

Her creativity and passion is directed into Shoes of Prey product, culture, branding and communications. She is also Telstra’s 2011 business woman of the year for private and corporate, one of the top 30 most influential women in Australian retail 2014, one of the top 10 Australian female entrepreneurs for 2014, Elle Fashion Award Fashion Innovator for 2015 and Griffith University’s Outstanding Business Alumni for 2015. I spoke to Jodie about how she has built the team, she has shared some great examples across the three habits and the five strategies you will read in the book.


Dianne McGrath is one of the final 100 astronaut candidates selected out of over 200,000 applicants by the Mars One program. The mission is to build a small team of 4 astronauts to start colonising Mars in 2031. It’s a one-way trip: If she’s selected to be one of the final 4, the journey will take more than 7 months, covering a distance of over 54.6 million kilometres, and she will never come back! I spoke to Dianne about what motivated her for this amazing mission, what criteria they are using for building the first human colony on Mars and what it will take to get there.


Sunil Gupta is the Edward W. Carter Professor of Business Administration, and Chair of the General Management Program, at Harvard Business School. He is also the co-chair of the executive program on Driving Digital and Social Strategy. Sunil shared some of his insights and learnings around building teams through his interactions with many leaders who come across various executive programs at Harvard.


Pip Marlow was the Managing Director of Microsoft Australia at the time of this interview. (She is now the CEO for Strategic Innovation at SUNCORP). Pip was responsible for Microsoft’s overall business in Australia. Pip has a career spanning more than 20 years with experience across Australia and US. Pip shared her views on what makes a high performing team as well as how she handles conflict in a team with high performing members. We also discussed the attributes of trust and the importance of trust in high performing teams.


Lorraine Bardeen is the General Manager of HoloLens Strategy & Partnerships with the Microsoft HoloLens team. Lorraine had the privilege of doing the live demo of the first holographic computer in our history. I spoke to Lorraine about what it is like working in a highly innovative and dynamic team and what made them successful.


Michael Lamb is a Senior Director with Spencer Stuart, one of the world’s leading executive search consulting firms. I spoke with Michael about what criteria they use when searching and placing CEOs and other senior team members.

It was interesting to compare and contrast these criteria with what I learned speaking with Dianne McGrath and the criteria Mars One mission is using to filter candidates to build the team to colonise mars!


Amy Posey is a Neurofacilitator with Amy brings her diverse background and experience speaking for Fortune 500 companies and conferences on the neuroscience of leadership.   Bright, energetic, and inspiring, she discusses the blending of the science and business worlds.  From understanding the basics of the biology of the brain, to applying the latest science to how we can be better leaders at work and outside of work, Amy delivers practical, useful messages for teams around the globe. It was great to hear her experience in helping and building high performing teams.


Tracey Fellows is the Chief Executive Officer of REA Group, responsible for the Group’s operations and investments in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America.

Prior to joining REA Group in 2014, Tracey was Executive General Manager of Communication Management Services at Australia Post. Prior to that she was also the MD of Microsoft Australia and President of Microsoft Asia Pacific. Tracey was one of the great leaders at Microsoft I had the pleasure of working with. I’ve learned a lot from her leadership style and I spent time with her during the interview to validate my three habits and five strategies and to hear her insight.


Phillip Heath is the head of Barker College, one of Australia’s premier high schools. With an outstanding track record of heading number of educational institutes, Phillip is driving a bold vision at Barker of “inspiring global hope”. I spoke to Phillip about how he’s inspiring high school students on the topic of teamwork and how he is preparing the next generation of our workforce.


Thilan Wijesinghe is the Founder Chairman & CEO of TWCorp, a leading real estate business in Sri Lanka. Thilan was also the youngest chairman of the Board of Investments (BOI) in Sri Lanka in the 1990s. I asked Thilan what makes leaders ready for a given job. We also talked about how he managed to achieve significant growth in companies he ran, including Asia Capital growing from $100,000 to $33 million in 3 years.