Start everything before you are ready

Jodie Fox

Some people say diamonds are girl’s best friend, and some say shoes are girl’s best friend. If you speak with Jodie Fox, she will show you how you can have the cake and eat it too. She can show you how you can have your very own custom-made shoes with diamonds if you wish!

Jodie Fox is the co-founder and the Chief Creative Officer of It’s the world’s first online store where women can design their dream shoes. She’s also the co-founder of sneaking duck, an online optical fashion store focused on the Australian market.

It was a great opportunity to interview her to understand the story behind and how she’s running the team and what drives her.

Jodie started as a lawyer, moved on to brand marketing/advertising and decided to change her career to follow her dream job and started shoes of prey. Since starting the business in 2009, the team has managed to break even in 2 months and reach multimillion dollar revenue in 2 years. It’s now a thriving global multi-million dollar business and just expanded to the US.

I look forward to sharing the stories and the lessons I learned from her interview and why she firmly believe that you should start everything before you are ready!

Thanks Jodie for taking the time and your candour in sharing the journey and your experience.

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