How do you build a team on another planet?

I had the privilege to sit down for an interview today (25 July 2015) with Dianne McGrath – Mars One Astronaut Candidate. The interview is part of research for my upcoming book, Motivating Mavericks – The Secret to High Performing Teams.

InterviewDianne is one of the final 100 astronaut candidates selected out of 250,000 applicants by the Mars One program. The mission is to build a small team of 4 astronauts to start colonising Mars in 2026. It’s a one-way trip to Mars. If she’s selected to be one of the final 4, the journey will take more than 7.5 months, covering a distance of over 54.6 million kilometres, and she will never come back to earth.

How do you build a new team on another planet? What are the values and social structures you build? How do you start colonising a new planet? What makes a great team on Mars? What team attributes do they get tested for this mission? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

A fascinating discussion & I learnt a lot about what drives her and the legacy she wants to leave behind. I can’t wait to finish writing the lessons I learnt and to share the story.

A truly inspiring lady, an extraordinary leader!
Dianne, Thank you for your time and wishing you the very best with the final stages of the selection process. Look forward to learning more as we get closer to 2026.

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