Book interview questions with CEOs

I am currently in the process of conducting interviews with business leaders and CEOs around the world across different industries as well as different types of organizations and start ups.

These are the questions I’m asking and discussing.

First, help me understand little bit about you;

  1. Is there one defining experience in your life that shaped you as the leader you are today?
  2. What are your values, principles, and boundaries?
  3. How have you discovered your strengths and passion(s)?

Tell me little about your views on;

  1. What characteristics do you look for in a high performing team?
  2. What do you look for in people when you start a new team?
  3. How do you find the right team for a disruptor idea?
  4. Can you share your best and worst experience working with teams?
  5. Would you add or remove anything from the 3 habits and 5 strategiesĀ I have outlined for you as part of my framework for the book?


  • Given the content and title of my upcoming book, if you were to pick this book up among other similar titles, what would you like to see in this book & why would you read it?

Are there other questions you would like to add ?

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