3 Habits and 5 Strategies for building amazing teams

My book “Motivating Mavericks – The Secret To Building High Performing Teams” is structured around 3 habits and 5 strategies that are critical for a high performing team.

The 3 habits will help you to focus on setting the right foundation for growth and performance, while the 5 strategies will help you take a balanced view across multiple disciplines.

3 Habits to build the right foundation. Motivation is what will get you started, but you need habits to maintain and keep going.

  • ATTITUDE – Making each day better than yesterday. Without the right, positive attitude nothing is possible in life.
  • CONFIDENCE – Be a paddling duck! Keep calm, the team and your customers need you to be a safe pair of hands.
  • RECOGNITION – You are not the hero! Make your team and the customers the hero.

5 Strategies to get your act together. Strategies without effective execution is just a dream.

  • Put a man on the moon (VISION)

Define the end game. Have a clear vision with purpose & clarity. Does your team know where they are heading and why?

  • Lead with your heart (Heart)

Build a high energy, trusted and open culture. Make it fun for people to be in your team. Use your left brain. Does your team believe you actually care about them and do you?

  • Stay hungry (GROWTH)

Create a diverse environment with a growth hacking culture, great rewards and recognition. Is this an environment where innovation and growth is a key part of your team culture?

  • Delight your raving fans (CUSTOMERS).

Listen to and serve your customers with a sense of urgency. Does your team really believe in a customer centric culture?

  • Stop wasting time (EXECUTION)

Actions speak louder than words. Don’t procrastinate as the leader and don’t let other people go dark either. Use your right brain. Are you the type of leader that gets things done or do you keep pontificating?

Let me know your feedback, experience and ideas around topic.

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